Looking Ahead

At its core, NCC’s mission is about taking action now so the natural world will continue to flourish for generations to come. While keeping our feet firmly rooted in our mandate to preserve Canada’s natural biodiversity, we are always looking at ways to expand and adapt our work to better serve that core purpose.


Looking ahead to next few years, we are working on developing a few new areas.

In southern Canada, where the majority of our conservation properties are located, we are looking to expand the ways we engage Canadians in the natural history and stewardship of these lands. We aim to increase the number of people involved in our Conservation Volunteers programs as well as improve and promote public access to NCC nature destinations. In addition, we are fostering new partnerships among Canada’s local and regional land trusts to help grow conservation actions in communities across the country.

We are also excited about expanding our focus to include Canada’s North. Building on initiatives begun in the past year, we will explore opportunities to partner with aboriginal communities on land-use planning projects. By making NCC’s expertise in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and conservation planning available to interested communities, we hope to contribute to the understanding of northern biodiversity and to establish the groundwork for NCC to become more involved in the boreal region.

Technology plays an increasingly important role in many aspects of our work. Out in the field, our conservation biologists will continue to apply new mobile technology for data collection, with the aim to make their work more efficient, adaptable and instantly shareable. As a leading, national organization in conservation, NCC is committed to making this land information available to others, including universities, governments, conservation groups and others engaged in land use planning and research.

None of our work is possible without partners, and in the coming years we will continue to build our engagement with Canada’s diverse business sector. As the need for companies to adopt a triple-bottom-line approach grows, NCC is very proud to partner with businesses that choose to give back to their communities by investing in the conservation of our country’s natural heritage.