Message from the President & Chair

Clear reporting of performance and achievements is one of the reasons that the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) has become one of Canada’s largest and most respected charities.

Each annual report allows us to stand behind our reputation as a transparent organization — something that our donors and supporters consistently cite as one of their main reasons for continuing to support our conservation work.

At their core, annual reports are about numbers. Throughout this year’s report you will see figures that represent dollars spent, acres conserved and species counted. But annual reports are also an opportunity to tell stories of how the impact of our work stretches beyond the financial and into the social and natural realms.

This year, we’re using numbers as a gateway to the amazing stories behind the figures. These stories make our work real and meaningful: the people behind the donations; the struggle of the species at risk; the trees that together create a forest...

Thinking about our work in the past year, some of our favourite numbers are 4, 145, 198 and 2,650:


The generations of the Barnett Family that are involved in our conservation work.


The number of people who, last year, let us know that they had decided to leave a bequest to NCC.


We have helped protect habitat for this many species at risk since 2007 under the Government of Canada’s Natural Areas Conservation Program.


The number of volunteers who helped restore habitat and care for conservation lands at NCC volunteer events across Canada.

Each of these numbers represents both legacy and the future. Perhaps that’s because those themes underpin all of our work. Conservation is inherently about taking the long view.

We’re so pleased to see that our work transcends generations, as in the case of the Barnett family, who have passed on a conservation ethic through four generations. Our planned giving donors – indeed all our donors – offer hope for a natural future. And the Government of Canada’s renewed support of the Natural Areas Conservation Program has allowed us to double our impact on the ground in the last year alone – offering still more hope to Canadians for a natural future.

We hope you enjoy reading this year’s interactive report and discovering the stories behind some of our numbers. Working with our partners and supporters, NCC has done great work in the past year, and we’re poised to do even more this year.

It’s thanks to the Canadians who came before us and who cared for the land that NCC has been able achieve the biggest number of all: more than 2.7 million acres (1.1 million hectares) conserved from coast to coast since 1962.

But still more needs to be done. Let’s work together to build a natural Canada for our children, grandchildren and their grandchildren.

Thank you for all you do for conservation.


John Lounds

John Lounds

President and CEO, Nature Conservancy of Canada

Nathalie Pratte

Nathalie Pratte

Chair, National Board of Directors, Nature Conservancy of Canada