2014-2015 Conservation Successes

Many of our 2014-2015 goals are a continuation of previous years’ goals. This is because the “forever” part of our mission means we must plan for the long term. Our overall goals are made with a five-year planning cycle in mind.

Invest $12 million in stewardship and develop a fundraising program for long-term land management.

Invested $9.1 million in stewardship work and developed a program to increase contributions to our Stewardship Endowment Fund starting June 1, 2015.

Conserve an additional 20,000 acres
(8,000 hectares).

Protected 21,105 acres (8,451 hectares) over the course of the year.

Conserve at least 90% of our new properties within a Natural Area.

Conserved 100% of our new properties are within a Natural Area.

Develop an enhanced corporate program to diversify funding sources.

Continued to achieve results, including new support agreements with Coca-Cola Canada and Audi Canada.

Increase membership by 150 in our Nature Legacy Society — a group of individuals who contribute funds through estate planning.

Welcomed 145 new Nature Legacy Society members, with many more members being stewarded.

Grow our supporter* base to 170,000 individuals.

Achieved 105% of goal, with 179,341 supporters.

Hold more than 250 Conservation Volunteers events and hire 54 conservation interns to work on NCC conservation projects during the spring and summer seasons.

Hosted 253 Conservation Volunteers events, attracting 2,650 participants. Hired 46 interns during the year.

Maintain a five-year average overhead cost (fundraising, communications & administration) of no more than 20% of total expenditures.

Maintained a five-year average of 19%.

Maintain fundraising costs to no more than 15% of revenue.

Kept fundraising costs at 10% of revenue (down from 14% last year).

* NCC defines a support as anyone who donates, volunteers or otherwise engages with the organization.